04 March 2008

Time will march its ordered way...

Steady steps of numbered days
And I will try to walk by faith
Unless my sight leads me astray

February flew by, even with the quadrennial bonus day. Went out to Percy Priest Lake with some friends to watch the lunar eclipse on Wednesday, February 20, 2008. Feels like astronomological phenomena require a full date. This is what I remember, encapsulated in an expression of my national poetry, le haiku.

Moon, where goest thou?
This is taking forever.
Let's find a Starbucks.

Actually, it was quite fun, cold but not too cold, good time hanging out, new friends, fun dog. I had been feeling myself getting sick over the course of that day, and that only progressed into a somewhat unpleasant flu over the next few days with a pretty high fever. I generally don't enjoy wacthing movies on my own, but forced bed rest time included re-watching Shadowlands (Attenborough/Hopkins/Winger version), watching Lifeboat (Hitchcock/Steinbeck, 1944), and re-watching Good Night, and Good Luck.

Went to Birmingham this past weekend to see a college friend and also to participate in a dance/music improvisation rehearsal that she was running for the Sanspointe Dance Company at the Children's Dance Foundation. Also enjoyed this natural foods grocery store called Tria and the excellent Continental Bakery. And some amazing spring/summer weather. Return visits to the city are in order. I still need to see the Vulcan Statue.

Just to clarify, I contributed music (upright & cello) to the creative process. Not dance. Not in public (though not for any theological reasons--I enjoy movement and dancing. As long as nobody's watching me.)

Got to sing on the worship team for the first time this past Sunday. That was a blast, particularly since I didn't have to lug all my instruments and gear. That was a treat.

On the docket for this week are:
  • Tonight: church prayer meeting
  • Thursday: pot luck and art project display with my neighborhood group at the middle school where we do our reading program
  • Saturday: church poverty simulation workshop
Also curious what today brings for the Democratic primary race.