26 December 2011

On Twilight

A few months ago I resolved to read the first Twilight book, to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

The first couple chapters were slow going (also, since I'm semi-resolved to only spend time reading it if I've done some devotions that day). The melodramatic inner life of an angsty teenager. But once elements of plot started to take shape, it made for somewhat easier reading.

I'm about 200 pages in now (out of about 500), and somewhere around the 150-page mark, I read a sentence that gave me a future post idea (Top Ten Worst Sentences...?):

"Desolation hit me with crippling strength." (page 145)

Every few pages there's a sentence that just makes me cringe for one reason or another. Sure, the writing style depends on lots of adjectives and adverbs. But more so it's the ideas that give me pause.

Before I started reading it, I was discussing some of these thoughts with a friend, and we had a difference of opinion as to whether this was actually a damaging influence on one's worldview or just a fun diversion. Certainly, there are things that I read for escapist fun.

But I still feel fairly strongly that there's a lot of untruth in the fantasy that the book provides. Mostly, the myth of salvation in the romantic Other. Edward has been described as "perfect" several times already, not to mention other flowery variations on that theme. Even more explicitly:

"I wanted nothing more than to be alone with my perpetual savior." (page 166)

Ugh. The book takes true things--being cared for and protected by a lover, for example--and turns them into false idols, packaged as something that we want and must have. To my eyes, Edward is a creepy, domineering stalker with no sense of boundaries. But Bella (and perhaps the reader, by proxy) gives herself over to him as her total fulfillment.

I think I rail against the myth so hard in my heart because it's a fantasy that I know I'm prone to myself. Daydreams and imaginary conversations. Idealized mates. But it's not real, and it's not something that I need to encourage in myself. People are people. Marriage can be great and true. But never a substitute for Jesus.

Anyway, I will probably finish the book at some point, at which point I might be willing to see the first movie. I do not plan on reading the rest of them.

Then I'll probably re-read Harry Potter VII to wash the taste out of my brain. Yes, it's an escapist page-turner, too. But throughout is love, sacrifice, friendship, family, loyalty, endurance through trials, a host of truth.

05 November 2011

Blogging After Midnight

The reason I'm up so late is because I just watched "Bridesmaids" with some friends a short while ago. Before that we watched "Unknown" (so much better than "Taken," for whatever that's worth). Before that I watched "It's Kind of a Funny Story" on my own. Today was a stay at home and watch movies day because I had/have a cold and it's a good excuse.

To be brief: it's been almost three months and I still get sad about it. Still feel pangs of missing her and what we had. Even while others have passed in and out of the radar in the intervening months.

What's the deal? When will it stop catching me off guard? Breaking up was the right call, but there was so much good stuff that was lost as a result.

I've played in so many of my friends' weddings during my five years here in Nashville. Most of them I knew separately before they became a couple. I've been experiencing bits of peace lately about not ever getting married. I've felt that peace before, but not so much since I moved here. But's in sporadic, in waves.

There's plenty else going on in my life these days, but I'm hardly ever here anymore, so I guess that's all for now. Peace.

14 August 2011

Ready or not...

Here I come. Internet. With an update.

Back in April, the uncertainties at the time had to do with:

1) Whether or not I would get involved with a new church plant that would take me to a different part of Nashville

2) Whether or not I would quit my job

3) A dating relationship

So, in order:

A) I decided to stay at my current home church and not join the church plant.

B) I did quit my job. Sort of. I became a part-time temp with a half-time schedule since May. It's made a world of difference in my life sanity quotient. I can enjoy the work that I still do there, and I can also breathe when the music work gets full, which is has this summer. A lot.

C) We stayed together. Until last night. We made it six months, and then we just couldn't keep going, for various reasons. It's pretty sad, for the both of us. I don't think I'll say much about it here. She's a wonderful woman. We just couldn't make it work.

I consoled myself by eating half a pint of this.

I've only mentioned the breakup to a handful of folks. And now to the Internet. I have a few misgivings about that, especially since some of you will learn through here and not in person, which is not the point of this post. Sorry, I'm still processing and gradually letting people know.

The reason for the post is for something else that happened tonight. I learned that a friend of mine just got engaged. She was someone that I had made a real idol of a few years ago, and my idolatry caused a lot of damage to a lot of relationships. We've reconciled as much as we can and interact fine. But once you give yourself over to an idol, there's always a part of you that remembers the scar. It was just odd timing--the weight of the breakup and the weight of this old wound, one on top of the other.

That's all. I don't have a lot to say on all that right now. Just processing. And finishing my pint of ice cream. (OK, fine, sorbet.)

Time for the next course: red wine and potato chips.

Food-Coping: Not Just for Girls.

12 April 2011

Swimming In Uncertainties

Multiple possible life transitions on the horizon.

Some or none may actually come to pass.

Wrestling with Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
Rely not on your own understanding.

Acknowledge Him in all your ways,

And He will make straight your paths.

Can't stop thinking thinking thinking thinking thinking on my own.

I'm not feeling terribly anxious. A bit unsettled, though.

Not sure what to do with everything. Perhaps some fasting and prayer.

Sleep, at least.